Hi! Thanks for your interest in OMG! We’d love to take some time to let you know more about us and our company.  In terms of a “Marketing Company” OMG has always been a little different from your industry standard definition - and we’re very proud of that difference! 


Onesource Marketing Group was created by a group of friends that were fed up with promotional products industry… We’ll explain… 

Combined we have over 40 years of experience in the marketing/promo space. Over the years, we’ve all worked for different companies that all did SOME portion of brand marketing. We met along the way and realized that we each brought something unique to the table, and this sparked something very exciting! What if, instead of offering disjointed piecemeal marketing plans, we created a company that was one stop for Brand Management? So that’s what we did - and Onesource Marketing Group was created! 


We pride ourselves on offering companies complete, custom, and affordable brand management. From business cards and pens, to websites and inventory management - OMG has your back.  You have enough on your plate running a small business. Let OMG take away the stress of collateral management, branding, digital media maintenance, hard good inventory, apparel, and everything else that goes along with marketing a successful business. We’ll clean off a good portion of that plate and we’ll even brand it for you, too! 


At omg we are first and foremost a small business - just like you - and even though we’re pretty great at being a marketing company, we feel like what makes us stand out the most is our dedication to our clients and our community. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our wonderful clients! So we encourage you to take a look at the full list of our services (link to services page), and let us know where we can help the most!